0032. Officials

OFFICIALS . ACCREDITED OFFICIALS Only officials from accredited association are to be used for Central Section CIF contests. (Ex. Bd. 4-22-98).

3201. OFFICIALS FEES The Central Section CIF Sports Officiating Committee and representatives of the official’s organization shall make recommendations for officials fees and procedure to the Board of Managers every two years. The adopted fee schedule and procedures shall become an addendum to these bylaws following approval by the Board of Managers and the officials associations.

3202. ASSIGNMENTS Officials for playoffs in all sports shall be assigned by the officials association. A. Neutral officials for final Central Section playoffs will be assigned to the following sports:  Basketball. B. Officials assigned must be members of one of the three area officials associations.

3203. Training programs for officials and the rating and supervision of officials shall be provided by the officials associations in accordance with their approved accreditation procedures.

3204.  Official’s fee and assignments of officials shall be made on a sex-neutral basis.