17 Competitive Cheer


A.           Traditional Competitive Cheer (TCC)

For all CIF Bylaws, Traditional Competitive Cheer (TCC) will be defined as any competition using or following the traditional competitive format. TCC coaches must meet education requirements and safety of Bylaws 22.B.9 and 1702. (Ca. Education Code 35179-35179.7, 49032 and 45125.01-45125.1)

B.           Competitive Sport Cheer (CSC)

For all CIF Bylaws, Competitive Sport Cheer (CSC) will be defined as any cheer competition that consist of four quarters of play with a halftime in between the second and third quarters. CSC coaches must meet education and safety requirements of Bylaws 22.B.9 and 1702. (Ca. Education Code 35179-35179.7, 49032 and 45125.01-45125.1)

C.           Competition Cheer (see A. and B. above) shall not be counted towards a school Title IX compliance unless the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights deems Competition Cheer compliant with its definition of a sport.


As per Bylaw 1201 A., the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) Spirit Rules Book shall be the official rule book.


Schools must ensure that all TCC and CSC coaches paid and unpaid, will have completed safety education program that emphasizes the following components:

  1. A philosophy of safety awareness,
  2. Understanding and assessing legal liability in cheerleading.
  3. Knowledge of cheerleading safety equipment, including apparel and training aids such as spotting belts and mats.
  4. Spotting techniques for tumbling and partner stunts.
  5. Skill progressions for tumbling, partner stunts, and pyramids.
  6. Physical and psychological performer readiness.
  7. Medical responsibilities, including injury prevention, the development of an emergency plan, and the assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries.

(Approved April 2017 Federated Council)