33. Season of Sports

ARTICLE 33 Season of Sports 3300. NO INTERSCHOOL CONTESTS There shall be no interschool contests held until after five (5) calendar days (excluding Sundays) have elapsed since the last league contests of the previous fall, winter or spring sports season, as established by the Board of Managers of Central Section CIF. Contests may be held on the sixth (6) calendar day (excluding Sundays). For sports with similar season of sport, the sport with the last ending date shall be used in figuring the starting date for the next sport. A scrimmage may be held after a team has had seven (7) calendar days of practice (excluding Sundays). An individual may scrimmage after seven (7) calendar days of practice (excluding Sundays). Note: Any athlete who was not involved in the prior sports season must have ten (10) days practice before he/she can participate in an interschool contest. A. A Saturday may be counted as one of the ten (10) practice days. B. The student athlete may not participate in an interschool contest until the eleventh calendar day (excluding Sundays). Exception: An athlete competing in the prior sports season may waive the mandatory ten (10) days of practice, (excluding wrestling). The Section Commissioner is to set and publish dates on which a scrimmage and first contest may be held for each sport.

3301. END OF SEASON A. Each season shall end with the last regularly scheduled league game except for those qualifying for playoff contests and leagues may incorporate a single elimination playoff to designate CIF playoff representation in team sports if such playoffs involves less than the total number of teams in that league. Such playoffs shall not be charged as a regular season tournament or contest. B. Season of sport regulations will be strictly enforced. Leagues shall coordinate their league schedules with established playoff dates so that last games are held not longer than one week prior to playoff. Extra scrimmages may be allowed for playoff participants in individual sports. Team sports qualifying for regional or State tournaments may request permission f or extra scrimmages from the area commissioner. SUMMER SEASON From the Tuesday after Memorial Day until the official opening of fall season, high school coaches may work with high school students or enter them in summer competition.

3302. RAIN OUTS Games and/or meets rained out may be made up by mutual consent of the schools involved. If the makeup game and/or meet exceeds the maximum number per week allowed by CIF Central Section, permission to play may be obtained from the league commissioner. Each league must have its representatives ready for playoff dates. 3303. SEASON OF SPORT RULES AND REGULATIONS All season of sports rules and regulations will be reviewed by Central Section Executive Board every two years to coincide with releaguing, except for sports with less than four years experience.

3304. INTERSCHOOL SCRIMMAGES All interschool scrimmages must be limited to one per team per sport per season of sport. Any additional will count as a game toward season total. A. Regular scrimmages (between high schools) An interscholastic scrimmage is defined as a practice between schools with the following limitation: 1. No score is kept and no scoring device is used. 2. Free substitutions are time outs are permitted. 3. Spectators can attend. 4. Admission charges are permitted. 5. Officials are not paid. 6. Medial coverage should be discouraged. 7. Scrimmages must be conducted prior to a team’s first interscholastic contest, (non-league, tournament or league) unless permission has been obtained by a League Commissioner prior to scrimmage.

3305. SCHOOL YEAR A member school may conduct by itself, or in conjunction with its district or an outside agency, athletic or recreation programs for students at any time during the school year. These programs should meet all educational and legal requirements. The site administrator will be responsible for monitoring and accountability.

3306. LAST DAY TO START PRACTICE Last day to start organized practice, first day of contest, and date of last contest shall be set by the CIF Section Commissioner.

3307. FINANCES Allocation of playoff finances after expenses shall be 40% CIF and 60% to competing schools. Schools who meet the deadlines for turning in financial statements and checks to the opposing school and Section Office will not be allowed to host play-offs in the future in sports where they do not meet the obligations, and will have the following additional penalty imposed: Pay with in the first 30 school days----NO PENALTY Pay after 30 school days and before 45school days---A 5% fine from the host school’s profit Pay after the first 45 school days--- A 10% fine from the host school’s profit ( Approved Board of managers April 2010) (Approved January 2001, Executive Committee).

3308 VACATION CONTROL No practice, scrimmage, contest or coaching contact in any manner shall take place on the following days: December 25 January 1 Note: Track only may request in writing to the Section commissioner for waiver for an exceptional athlete to participate at a premium quality meet in California. 3309. SINGLE SEASON OF SPORT There shall be no double season of any sport before the first Tuesday after Memorial Day, except football and volleyball. Football and volleyball may have spring practice. (See 1904-football).

3309 a. The following approved interscholastic sports (Bylaw 1100) are approved for competition in Central Section playoffs and championships. Seasons are established as indicated: Fall Cross Country Tennis (girls) Golf (girls) Football Water Polo Volleyball (girls) Winter Basketball Wrestling Soccer Spring Baseball Softball Track and Field Tennis (boys) Golf (boys) Volleyball (boys) b. The length of seasons in comparable sports for both boys and girls in the Central Section and its leagues shall be of the same length. (See Directory, "Sports Limits and Championship Playoff Date Chart". c. The maximum number of contest (practice and league) shall be the same for both boys and girls in comparable sports in the Central Section and leagues.

3310. SPORTS ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEETINGS The Executive Committee shall establish a specific schedule for Board of Managers consideration of CIF rule changes, sport regulations and playoff procedures. This schedule will be sent to all schools and advisory committee chairpersons before school opens in the fall.

3311. FOUNDATION GAMES In the sports of Volleyball and Basketball, an additional Varsity contest may be played as a FOUNDATION GAME. The game is to be played against a Central Section team. The contract will be a 2 year "home and home" agreement. The host school keeps 50% of the proceeds after expenses and sends the Central Section Office 50% for the scholarship program.

3312. Number of Allowable Contests The maximum allowable number of contacts for the section will be as follows: Basketball 28--‐One contest for each game. Soccer 28--‐One contest per match Baseball 28--‐One contest for each game. Softball 28--‐One contest per game. Badminton 24--‐One contest per match. Tennis 24--‐One contest per match. Cross Country 14--- Two per week Track and Field 14—Two per week Football 10 Water Polo 28--‐One contest per match Golf 24--‐Tournaments count as one match per a day. Volleyball 28--‐Tournaments that do not utilize a 3-5 format, shall count as 1 contest for a 1 day tournament; 3 contacts for a 2 day tournament. If 3 out of five is used as any portion of the tournamenet, those games will cout game for game. Girls Lacrosse 24--‐One contest for each match. Wrestling 40 matches(SeeBylaw3103) Swimming and Diving 14 Note: The maximum number of allowable contests is in effect for both teams and individuals during the season. The maximum allowable contests do not include Section, Regional or State Championships. There is no longer a maximum number of tournaments you can attend. You can play any combination of schedule, but cannot go over the maximum number for team or players. Anyone who goes over the maximum number, team or individual will become ineligible for the remainder of the season immediately after playing in the maximum number of contests allowed. Foundation games will not count toward your 28 game total, but WILL count on your won- loss record. SEASON OF SPORT 2016-17 FALL JULY 18-JULY 31 PRE-SEASON/OPTINAL—no club coaching AUG.1-LAST CONTEST SEASON 2 WKS AFTER LAST CONTEST- NO CONTACT AFTER DEAD PERIOD- OFF SEASON/OUTSIDE AGENCY (EQUIPMENT RESTRICTIONS FOR FOOTBALL) First week-end after Memorial week-end - JULY 17 SUMMER (EQUIPMENT RESTRICTIONS FOR FOOTBALL) WINTER AUG.1 –OCT. 16 OFF SEASON/OUTSIDE AGENCY OCT. 17-OCT.30 PRE-SEASON/OPTIONAL—no club coaching NOV.2-LAST CONTEST SEASON 2 WKS AFTER LAST CONTEST- NO CONTACT AFTER DEAD PERIOD- OFF SEASON/OUTSIDE AGENCY First week-end after Memorial week-end - AUG. 1 SUMMER SPRING JAN. 16-JAN. 29 (BASEBALL & SOFTBALL) PRE-SEASON /OPTIONAL (All players may play catch. No bats)—no club coaching AUG.3 –JAN. 15 OFF SEASON/OUTSIDE AGENCY JAN. 30-LAST CONTEST SEASON 2 WKS AFTER LAST CONTEST- NO CONTACT AFTER DEAD PERIOD- OFF SEASON/OUTSIDE AGENCY First week-end after Memorial week-end – AUG.1 SUMMER PRE-SEASON The only activities allowed during this time are non-sport specific conditioning and weight training, along with no use of specific equipment including balls. NO CONTACT PERIOD--- Immediately following each schools completed season of sport, there will be a two week dead period with no contact between players and coaches of the just completed sports season. Note: The use of outside agencies is not allowed to circumvent the “NO CONTACT PERIOD.” OFF-SEASON Each of the three seasons will have a limited period during the school year, before or after the season of sport, in which schools may hold practices under the auspices of the school. Guidelines for limited periods are as follows: (1) Practice is allowed Monday through Friday for a maximum of 8.0 hours per week, no more than2 hrs/day (2) Practice is allowed on Saturday for a maximum of 4 hours. (3) Total Practice time per a week (Monday-Saturday) is 8 hours. (4) Sunday practices are not allowed under the limited period guidelines. (5) No games or scrimmages are allowed if this option is selected OR OUTSIDE AGENCY Activities must be sponsored by an agency not under the authority of CIF. If this option is chosen, the use of school equipment or funding is not permitted and any facility usage must be approved by the school district administration and the group must provide proof of insurance, and appropriate fees must be paid by the sponsoring organization. Summer The Central Section will be “Dark” the first week-end after Memorial week-end, until the first day of pre-season conditioning. Therefore, all activities during this time period shall be under the authority of each school district, with the exception of rules passed by the Board of Mangers. Does not include CIF State play-off sports still being conducted.