8. Miscellaneous




No substantial part of the activities of this association shall consist of carrying on propaganda, and the association shall not participate in any political campaign (including the publishing or distribution of statements) on behalf of any candidate for public office.


The State CIF Office shall prepare a policy book containing all policies passed by the Federated Council not specifically included in the Constitution and Bylaws. Policies from before 1992 are to be added as identified in minutes of the Federated Council.

A. All Sections are to be provided with a policy book that is updated annually by the State CIF Office.

B. Copies of individual policies shall be available on written request to the State or a Section Office.

C. Each Section shall develop and pass administrative regulations to implement policies not the exclusive responsibility of the State CIF Office.

D. Copies of regulations for individual policies shall be available upon written request to the Section involved.


All funds handled by any of the CIF entities, whether those funds be donations, corporate-sponsored donations, fees or dues, are monies designed for the furtherance and administration of athletics for the students of the schools in California . Adopted principles and policies are generally designed to be consistent with the State law governing schools. The adopted financial policies and regulations apply to all CIF entities (State, Sections and leagues) and to all CIF personnel (staff and elected representatives) unless a specific distinction has been recognized and authorized in writing. An adequately financed program of competitive athletics is essential for California ’s youth to receive a well-rounded education. Specific financial policies may be found in the appendices of this publication.

QUESTION: If a person retires from the education profession, may that individual continue to serve as a member of the Executive Committee?

ANSWER: No! In order to serve, a person MUST be actively engaged in the educational profession. HOWEVER, FORMER BOARD OF MANAGERS MEMBERS CAN SEVER AS HEARING OFFICERS


Rules and Procedures for Awards Entry Fees Admission

1. $100.00 is the maximum amount, exclusive of engraving, which may be paid for any individual CIF award to an athlete. Such an award cannot be cash or a gift certificate or merchandise alone. It may be merchandise, badge, medal, plaque, ribbon, picture, certificate or trophy if it is suitably engraved. For Central Section league, Section and State champions only, the TOTAL value of all awards may not exceed $250. State (CIF by-law 802)

2. Athletes who accept awards of value greater than the totals mentioned in statement #1, shall be ineligible for further athletic competition for a period of one year following the date of violation.

3. Schools which violate this rule shall be suspended from CIF in that sport for the following season and placed on probation for one year following the date of the violation.


5. Medals for Divisional, Area and Section Championships must be medals called for in the contract.

6. School championship trophies for league, invitational events or Section awards may exceed the price contracted for the cost of the Section runner-up plaque.

7. Awards given at invitational meets and tournaments may be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners except wrestling, which may award the following:

a) Tournaments with 16 teams or less, four places per weight class;

b) Tournaments with 16 teams or more, five medals per weight class.

8. No Central Section school is allowed to participate in any Central Section Invitational event where the entry fee and awards do not conform to CIF Central Section rules. Participation in out of Section events is exempt from this rule, but must follow State CIF guidelines.

9. When only one league is represented, the award shall be a league award provided by the league.

10. When only two (2) schools participate in a play-off, the award shall be a divisional plaque provided by the Central Section.

11. When three or more leagues of four schools or more participate in play-offs, the awards shall be Central Section championships and runner-up plaques.

12.Schools not paying the required entry fee by the established deadline, shall be charged a penalty equal to the amount of the entry fee (double).

13. Entry fees are to be charged according to the scale listed for each sport.

14. Deficits in operating costs to the host school for play-offs are to be prorated among the competing schools based upon the number of events for each school.