1       Governing Rules                                                                                                        

2       General Rules                                                                                                             

3       Contest Regulations                                                                                                  


1       Governing Rules

a)    Badminton competition in the CIF Central Section shall be conducted in accordance with the international Badminton Federation Rules (IBF) except where they conflict with the Central Section CIF rules approved by the executive board of managers.

b)   Leagues will participate in individual league tournament, team and individual section finals.

2       General Rules

a)    Players must at all times be under the supervision of an employee of the board of education.

b)   Entry fees for all meets must be in accordance with current rules.

c)    Medals and other individual awards at CIF sanctioned meets shall be given in accordance with current rules (league tournament top 4 medal).

d)   CIF Central Section must sanction all individual meets.

e)    All individual meets must be conducted in accordance with all CIF Central Section rules and procedures.

f)    All varsity players need to be in a “team uniform”, not street clothes, in order to participate.

g)    Flip chart score cards should be used for all varsity matches.  One (1) JV player will turn score pages without making comments or cheering.

h)   There will be a mandatory coaches meeting prior to the start of the season.

3       Contest Regulations

a)    There will be no paid officials for dual meets. The Head Coach from each school is considered the Co-Ref at each dual match. Both coaches will come to an agreement to a solution and support each other’s decisions.

1.    During a match, players must initiate the request for a coach when an issue arises.

2.    Both coaches need to go to the court together when an issue arises.

3.    Coaches may submit an Incident Report to all league reps following a match if needed.  League reps will address the issues with coaches that have had 3 or more reports.

b)   Number of participants will be six (6) singles and six (6) doubles teams.

c)    A player will not be permitted to play both singles and doubles.

d)   Twenty (24) matches will be played using the following format.

1.    Singles #1-6 and doubles team #1- 6 will each play two matches.  Using Team A and Team B: A1 v B1, A1 v B2, B1 v A2, A2 v B2, A3 v B3, A3 v B4, B3 v A4, A4 v B4 and so on.

2.    Players will be given five (5) minutes between matches.

e)    Matches shall consist of 2 out of 3 games.

  1. Refer to IBF scoring.

f)    A team ladder will be used throughout league competition.  The purpose of the ladder is to prevent stacking of players.

  1. Each coach will establish a ladder of his or her team that is based upon player skill.  A ladder ensures that all matches will be positioned according to strength of players.
  2. Criterion for establishing ladder position will be a challenge match that must consist of at least one regular set.  A player may not move on the ladder more than 2 positions, up or down, after the second ladder exchange.
  3. Coaches will exchange ladders at set dates during the season, approximately every 2-3 weeks.             
  4. Ladders shall include the top twenty-two (22) players with full names, year in school of each player, and notation of specialty programs Duncan/Cart with time of day enrolled AM/PM.
  5. Ladders will be faxed or emailed prior to or by noon on the day of the start of each round of play to all coaches and league reps.  When no ladder is submitted the previously submitted ladder will stand for that round.
  6. If a player on the ladder is no longer on the team, all players below them will move up one place on the ladder.  Game day match can only use numbers 1-18.
  7. An additional player (transfer/returning from preseason injury) may be placed at their appropriate spot after ladders are submitted, but the coach must fax/email  a new ladder to every school  and all league reps 24 hours before that student’s first match explaining the reason for addition.
  8. Players injured may remain on the ladder unless it’s a season ending injury. Players quitting, moved, ineligible, and season ending injury, will be removed from the ladder.  They may not be returned to the ladder once removed.  Players below open spot will move up positions to fill the spot.  Coach needs to email all schools and league reps of what has occurred with the new ladder.
  9. A coach not playing his/her line up correctly (according to submitted ladder) will forfeit the team match.
  10. Match lineups are based upon the ladder rankings.
  1. For Doubles the total for combined ladder position numbers of the two doubles partners for the first doubles team must be equal or less than the total of the second doubles/individual ladder position.
  2. The second doubles combined total must be equal to or less than the total of the third doubles /individual ladder position, etc.
  3. In doubles, when multiple pairs have the same ranking totals, the pair with the highest ranked individual will play the highest level match.  (Ex. Ladder rankings 1 & 6, 2 & 5, 3 & 4, all total 7.  Team with the #1 will play in the #1 player will play as the #1 doubles team, the team with the #2 player will play as the #2 doubles team, and the team with the #3 player will play as the #3 doubles team.)
  4. For Singles play, ladder rankings are used so that the ladder number for the #1 match is less than the ladder number for match #2 and so on. 
  5. A coach who plays a player who most likely will not complete the match because of a current injury will forfeit the team match.  The intent of this rule is to prevent a coach from placing an injured player into the line-up so that he is not forced to move his lower players up.  A five (5)-minute time out is allowed for an injured player to ascertain ability to continue the match.

g)    The team with the highest match score wins the contest.

  1. Tie breaker: 1- Sets, 2- Points, #1- singles. (New Tie Breaker)

h)   Coaches will exchange line-ups ten (10) minutes prior to the beginning of the first match at each contest.

i)     All varsity matches need to be completed / if courts are available JV games may be played (mutual agreement by both coaches).

j)     JV matches will consist of 1 game to 15 and may be either singles or doubles.

k)    Coaching or other distractions are not allowed during a match.

  1. Matches are to be played in order according to the score sheet as much as possible.
  2. Coaches may not interfere with the play or make official calls.
  3. When one side reaches 11 points, both players get a sixty (60) second break.
  4. Both sides get a two (2) minute break between first and second games, and another two (2) minute break between second and third game.
  5. Players may not leave the court once play has started.
  6. Players may consult with coaches for interpretation of rules on the courts with both teams’ coaches present.
  7. For any infraction, distraction, issue, the format for correction is to (1) INFORM the player(s), (2) WARN the player(s), (3) award point/loss of serve, (4) award point/loss of serve, and (5) disqualify player(s).
  8. For non-players issues, such as inappropriate calls/noise from the stands, the team Coach is notified so they can (1) INFORM the non-players, (2) WARN, and if needed (3) award point/loss of serve.
  9. If line judges are requested, each team will volunteer one player.  They will stand at opposite corners from each other and will be standing on the opposite side of the court from their own team.  They will be responsible for making all line calls by pointing down for “in” court and calling “out” and motioning both arms up for out calls.
  10. If a service infraction is the issue, one of the coaches needs to stay and be the service referee.
  11. Match changes may be made if mutually agreed upon by both coaches.

l)     Protest format

  1. All protest will follow CIF procedures within 72 hours utilizing the protest form.
  2. The committee of three will be made up of the three league reps.

m)  Responsibilities of the Host School

  1. The host school will provide a location for visiting team to wait out of the elements until match time.
  2. The host school shall furnish a minimum of sixteen (16) new, yellow shuttlecocks per contest.
  3. Site ground rules shall be established in accordance with IBF regulations that determine court dimensions and boundaries. (Net height = 5 feet middle, 5.1 sides.  Can be 1 inch lower, but no higher)
  4. If a shuttlecock hits any obstruction, it is considered a “let” unless determined otherwise by specific site ground rules.
  5. Report final score to the Fresno Bee by phone, fax, or email and the league reps by email.

n)   Eligibility

  1. All participants must meet the State and Central Section CIF eligibility rules.

o)   Season of Sport

  1. The season of sport will be the spring season and will follow CIF regulations for spring sports.
  2. A school shall be limited to a maximum of eighteen (18) contests per season excluding play-off competition.  One scrimmage per season is permitted.

p)   League Standings

  1. League standings shall be determined on the basis of the win/loss record of each school in the league.  One point is recorded for each contest won.

q)   League Tournament

  1. Each league will host a league tournament.  Sites to be determined at league meeting.
  2. All head coaches/designee must be present for league tournament seeding.
  3. The league tournaments will consist of a sixteen (16) double elimination bracket for singles and doubles.
  4. Seeding will take place at the host site the day before the league tournament.
    1. Seeding will be based on the following criteria:

i.Coaches Ranking

ii.Overall Record

iii.Head to head

iv.Common Opponent

  1. For TRAC/NYL league tournament, each school will submit three (3) singles and three (3) doubles and have one (1) at large bid.  For the CMAC league tournament, each school will submit four (4) singles and four (4) doubles.
  2. Any player sick/injured the day of the league tournament will constitute as a forfeit.  Twenty-four (24) prior notice next eligible player (single/doubles) that have not qualified will be eligible to fill opening.
  3. Top four (4) places from league tournament will advance to individual section finals and four (4) at large to be determine by AD/league representatives.
  4. Each school is responsible to bring 3 cans of birdies (HL SYN-35 Official shuttle of CIF) for league tournament. 

r)    Section Playoffs

  1. Team playoffs will be seeded based on the following criteria:
    1. Coaches Ranking
    2. Overall Record
    3. Head to Head
    4. Common Opponent
  2. Individual section finals- league reps will meet the night before to seed the sixteen (16) double elimination brackets (singles/doubles).
  3. Any player sick/injured the day of the league tournament will constitute as a forfeit.




 If an ineligible student participates in a contest, or contests, the school must forfeit

the contest, or contests, and the ineligible student shall not compete in any sport until

his/her eligibility is attained.


     If it is determined that an ineligible student competed due to the failure of the School 

Administration to properly notify those responsible for playing the student, an appeal by 

the Principal may be directed to the Section Commissioner regarding the forfeiture of

the game, or games.  The appeal must be in writing, stating specifically the circumstances surrounding the oversight in playing the student.  The final decision regarding the appeal will be determined by the Section Commissioner. 


Criteria for consideration of appeal:


  1. What caused the ineligible player to participate in the contests(s)

  2. Score of contest(s)

  3. Amount of participation in contest(s) by ineligible participant

  4. What part of did the ineligible student have on the outcome of the contest(s)


Notification of the use of an ineligible player MUST be reported IMMEDIATELY, and appealed within in 5 days of the infraction.


Notification of an alleged infraction by another school, MUST also be reported IMMEDIATELY, to allow the offending school an opportunity to respond.