Cross Country


1. General Rules 1.1.

Classification of Teams 1.1.1. There are four (4) classifications for cross country: varsity, junior varsity, sophomores and freshmen

1.1.2. All classifications may compete in practice, league, and invitational meets. Only the varsity teams, (girls and boys) will compete in the Central Sectional Divisional Championship meet.

1.1.3. Runners may move up and down in classification, but can not compete on more than one team on any given day.

1.2. Boys and Girls Teams (This applies to all meets)

1.2.1. Varsity entries- The best seven juniors and seniors must be entered based on their times in their last meet. A freshman or sophomore may be entered in varsity competition provided his time is better than the 7th junior or senior based on the time from the last meet.

1.2.2. Frosh/sophomore Entries- Anyone who does not qualify to run for the varsity team may run in this race.

1.2.3. Junior Varsity Entries- Anyone who does not qualify to run for the varsity team may run the junior varsity race.

1.2.4. Freshman Entries- Any freshman may run in a freshman race.

1.3. All participants must wear shoes (without spikes) throughout the race, as stated in the National Federation Rule Book Rule 9 Section 5 Article 3.

1.4. The course distances shall not be longer than five (5) kilometers for all teams. The Sectional Championships shall be three (3) miles or five (5) kilometers in distance.

1.5. Scoring- The finish places of the first five (5) runners from each team (girls and boys) will be added to determine team scores. Two runners from each team will displace. The lowest total score is the winner.

1.5.1. Exception- At the Executive Board Meeting on September 26, 1979, it was approved that leagues (only) may score three and displace with two in girls’ cross country only if it is determined that this will improve the league programs.

1.6. Ties in team scoring shall be resolved as per the National Federation Rule Book, Rule 9, Section 2, Article 4. This will pertain to both team placement, and advancement qualifications for all meets in the Central Section.

1.7. Referee and Jury of Appeals

1.7.1. The Central Section Advisory Chairperson will act as the referee for the championship meet if he/she is present at the meet.

1.7.2. A Jury of Appeals for the championship will act as the referee for the championship meet will be appointed by the Section Advisory Chairperson, one from each area.

1.7.3. The Clerk for the championship will insure that all teams are present at the starting line at the scheduled check in time and notify the meet director if there is a team not present. The clerk will also check for potential uniform violations to try to prevent disqualifications.* Cross Country Governing Rules Updated 2018

1.8. Runners shall be allowed to have water in all meets (health and safety).

2. Season of Sport

2.1. The season of the sport of Cross Country is defined as that period which starts with the first inter school competition, and ends with the last regularly scheduled league meet except for those participating in playoff competition (this includes league championship meets).

2.2. The first day to start organized team practice for Interscholastic competition will be specified by Central Section.

2.3. There must be 10 days of team practice prior to the first interscholastic meet. Each team member must have had 10 days of practice prior to his first meet.

2.4. Each runner shall be limited to a maximum of 2 contests per week, a total of 14 contests maximum, not including league or beyond.

2.5. Approved list and dates of invitational meets are listed on the Section web site under Tournaments. Note: Any athlete who was not involved in the prior sports season must have ten (10) days practice before he/she can participate in an inter school contest.

a. A Saturday may be counted as one of the ten (10) practice days.

b. The student athlete may not participate in an inter school contest until the eleventh calendar day (Exluding Sundays). Exception: An athlete competing in the prior sports season may waive the mandatory ten (10) days of practice, excluding wrestling).

2.6. No teams will be allowed to go to the mountains; beaches; etc., during the “Conditioning two week period” prior to the start of the season.

3. Playoff Procedures

3.1. All runners and all teams in the CIF Central Section MAY participate in the Section Championships.

3.1.1. The CIF Sectional Championships will consist of one race for boys- 3 miles or 5 kilometers- 1-7 runners and one race for girls- 3 miles or 5 kilometers- 1-7 runners in each of the five (5) divisions. The Divisions will be determined by the approved Section Divisional placement procedure.

3.1.2. Entries- Varsity boys and girls only. A team will consist of 5 to 7 runners from any one school of boys and girls. Entries of less than 5 from one school will be considered individual entries, and will compete only for individual awards. Their order of finish will not be considered in the team scoring.

3.1.3. The permanent site for the Sectional Championships will be Woodward Park, Fresno (Executive Board 3/02)

3.1.4. Scoring- The order of finish of all runners will determine individual award winners. In calculating team scores, all individual entries will be dropped from the finish order, and all team runners will be moved up on the list. See National Federation Rule Book Rule 9 Section 2

3.1.5. Awards. Entry fees are $8.00 per individual and $300 maximum per school. (See CIF Central Section Awards Chart in back of Constitution and By-Laws.). Cross Country Governing Rules Updated 2018

3.1.6. Qualifications from the CIF Central Section Championships to the CIF State Meet, will be a minimum of two (2) teams per division and a maximum of five (5) individual entries and the individuals must place in the top twelve (12) at the section finals. If a team qualifies from the Section Meet to the State Meet, all individual members of that team qualify even though they are not among the top individual qualifiers. Schools must declare what division they will compete in based on state CBEDS.

3.1.7. Time schedule. The first race for the Sectional Meet will be at 11:00 AM. The order of the races will be the same as the order for the California State Championships.

4. Forfeits

4.1. If an ineligible student participates in a contest, or contests, the school must forfeit the contest, or contests, and the ineligible student shall not compete in any sport until his/her eligibility is attained. If it is determined that an ineligible competed due to the failure of the School Administration to properly notify those responsible for playing the student, an appeal by the Principal may be directed to the Section Commissioner regarding the forfeiture of the game, or games. The appeal must be in writing, stating specifically the circumstances surrounding the oversight in playing the student. The final decision regarding the appeal will be determined by the Section Commissioner.

4.1.1. Criteria for consideration of appeal: What caused the ineligible player to participate in the contest(s). Score of contest(s) Amount of participation in contest(s) by ineligible participant. What part did the ineligible student have on the outcome of the contest(s)

4.1.2. Notification of the use of an ineligible player MUST be reported IMMEDIATELY, and appealed within 5 days of the infraction.

4.1.3. Notification of an alleged infraction by another school, MUST also be reported IMMEDIATELY, to allow the offending school an opportunity to respond.

Note. NO CONTACT PERIOD--- Immediately following each schools completed season of sport, there will be a two week dead period with no contact between players and coaches of the just completed sports season. Note: The use of outside agencies is not allowed to circumvent the “NO CONTACT PERIOD.” Cross Country Governing Rules Updated 2018

OFF-SEASON TRAINING Each of the three seasons will have a limited period during the school year, before or after the season of sport, in which schools may hold practices under the auspices of the school. Guidelines for limited periods are as follows:

(1) Practice is allowed Monday through Friday for a maximum of 8.0 hours per week, no more than 2 hrs/day

(2) Practice is allowed on Saturday for a maximum of 4 hours.

(3) Total Practice time per a week (Monday-Saturday) is 8 hours.

(4) Sunday practices are not allowed under the limited period guidelines.

(5) No games or scrimmages are allowed if this option is selected