Track and Field

1. Governing Rules Revised 10/18

1.1 All track and field competition in the CIF Central Section shall be conducted in accordance with the National Federation Track and Field Rules, along with the special rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Managers of the CIF Central Section.

1.2 The CIF Central Section Track and Field Advisory Committee shall be composed of one representative from each league who shall be selected by the league president.

1.2.1 The Chairperson (s) of the Track and Field Advisory Committee is appointed by the CIF Central Section Commissioner and approved by the Board of Managers.

2. General Rules

2.1 A copy of the results of all CIF Central Section championship meets must be sent to the Section Commissioner within 24 hours. This must include the total points scored by each school and the first and last names of all place winners, including relay teams.

2.2 Individual participation - maximum of four events. Participants may enter any four events.

2.3 Recommended Meet Officials:

2.3.1 All officials for CIF Central Section championship meets shall be selected by the host school.

2.3.2 Judges of Relay: Use four persons on each passing zone; two on each side.

2.3.3 Judges: Meet Directors should provide two judges for all places except the first place. First place must have three judges for Area qualifying and Section Championship meets.  The League Commissioner and two other adults appointed by the host school shall make up the Jury of Appeals at the Area Track meets. The Meet Director and two other adults appointed by the host school shall make up the Jury of Appeals at the Division 2 Championships. The Section Track Advisory Chairperson, host Area Supervisor, and one other adult appointed by the host school shall be the Jury of Appeals at the Section Championships. ( Approved by Board of Managers Apr. 2005). ( NOTE: Automatic timing replaces judges.)

2.4 State Track Meet Conditions

2.4.1 It shall be the responsibility of the CIF Central Section Commissioner to inform the Meet Directors of the Section Championship meets as to the conditions under which the State meet will be run. Insofar as facilities will allow, Section Championship meets will be conducted in conformity with the State meet.

2.5 Records

2.5.1 For a record made at a CIF Central Section Championship meet to be accepted as official, the head timer must certify to the referee that the time was official and the referee must certify that the conditions were official and (for sprint, hurdle, triple jump and/or long jump) the tail wind did not exceed 4.47 miles per hour (2 meters per second). Special forms for National Records musts be filled out for National records.

2.5.2 Ties: Individuals tying records will be given credit in winning heats or field events.

2.6 Invitational meets must be sanctioned by CIF Central Section and requests for same must be submitted to the Section Commissioner prior to December 1st.

2.7 The suggested order of events for duals, league and conventional invitational meets (special relay meets excluded) is:

2.7.1 Boys

400 Meter Relay 
1600 Meter Run
* 110 Meter High Hurdles 
400 Meter Dash 
100 Meter Dash 
800 Meter Dash 
300 Meter Intermediate Hurdles
200 Meter Dash
* 3200 Meter Run
* 1600 Meter Relay

Long Jump
Pole Vault
Triple Jump
High Jump
Shot Put

* The boy's second classification shall also run the 3200 meter run, 1600 meter relay and may substitute 65 meter for 110 meter high hurdles in dual and invitational meets.

2.7.1 Girls

400 Meter Relay 
1600 Meter Run 
* 100 Meter High Hurdles 
400 Meter Dash 
100 Meter Dash 
800 Meter Run 
300 Meter Intermediate Low Hurdles
200 Meter Dash
* 3200 Meter Run

Long Jump
High Jump
Shot Put (4 kilo = 8 lbs. 13 oz.)
Triple Jump
Pole Vault

* The girl's second classification shall also run the 3200 meter run and may substitute 65 meter high hurdles (33") for the 100 meter high hurdles in dual and invitational meets.

3. Season of Sport

3.1 The season of sport for track and field is defined as "that period which starts with the first interschool contest, practice or league and qualifying for Area, Section and State Championships".

3.2 The first day to start organized after school practice shall be specified by the CIF Central Section By-Laws.

3.3 An athlete shall be limited to 2 meets per week, and a total of 14 for the year.

3.3.1 Track meets are classified as follows for determining number of contest per season. (No more than 2 meets per week per athlete). Relay meets: All events are 3 or 4 boy/girl teams, finals only (no heats). Qualifying meets: Meet management sets up qualifying standards which must be approved by Area Supervisors and the Track Committee chairperson. Each participant competes in his/her event only once during the meet (finals only, no heats). Participation in meets held outside our Section during our Easter Vacation control period may be allowed on an individual basis. Written application must be submitted to the Section Commissioner. The Fresno Relays meet will be set for the first weekend in April. High School competition will not be held on Good Friday. No other Central Section meet will be held on Good Friday weekend.

3.4 A team must have had 10 days of practice prior to the first inter-school meet. Each individual must have had 10 days of practice prior to his first inter-school meet. An athlete completing the prior sport season may waive the mandatory 10 days of practice.

3.5 An athlete is limited to two meets per week...a total of 14 per year. Meets rained out may be made up by mutual consent of schools involved. If the make-up meet exceeds the maximum number per week allowed by CIF Central Section, permission must be obtained from the local League Commissioner.

3.6 First interschool contest shall be held as specified by CIF Central Section.



4. Classification of Teams

4.1 The classification of teams for dual meets or league meets maybe an combination of varsity, frosh/soph., frosh, combination of frosh/soph.. The classification for invitational contests shall be varsity, frosh/soph. and frosh.

4.2 The classification for girls teams shall be varsity, frosh/soph. and frosh.

4.3 A student may move up or down in classification, but not in the same day or meet.

4.4 In Section championship meets, varsity only competes.

4.5 It is recommended that meets be run metric on metric track and in yards on yard tracks.

4.6 To insure that invitational, qualifying standards and relay meets corresponds with the same date each year and eliminate conflicts, the schools and meet directors of each meet shall start with the State meet date and count back the weeks to the correct date. This is necessary because of the changing date of the State meet and Easter. The Track and Field chair will set up the yearly Invitational schedule for the C.I.F. board of managers for approval.

4.7 Approved list and dates of invitational, qualifying standard and relay meets are listed at the end of procedures.

5. Eligibility

5.1 All participants must satisfy and State and Central Section CIF Eligibility Rules (Article 6, State and Central Section By-Laws for outside competition).

Note: Any athlete who was not involved in the prior sports season must have ten (10) days practice before he/she can participate in an interschool contest. 
A. A Saturday may be counted as one of the ten (10) practice days.
B. The student athlete may not participate in an interschool contest until the eleventh calendar day (excluding Sundays).
Exception: An athlete competing in the prior sports season may waive the mandatory ten (10) days of practice, (excluding wrestling).

6. Finances

6.1 Maximum entry fee for all meets, Invitational, League, Area and Section Championships, shall be $8.00 per athlete  with a maximum entry fee of $300.00 per school. (See Awards and Entry Fees Chart).

6.2 Admission fees are set by CIF Board of Managers.

6.3 Financial deficits, if any, for Section championship meets, are to be pro-rated among the participating schools.

6.4 Entry fees are doubled if not paid by deadline. (Rule 13, page 2 of Awards and Entry Fee Chart).

7. Medals and Trophies

7.1 Section Championship - Winners and Runner-ups

7.2 Medals: 

Invitational and league meets - 3 medals

Section Championships
   Division 2 : 1st through 6th 

    Area Qualifying Meets: 1st through 5th

    Masters : 1st through 6th

Trophies: Winners and runners-up in Section Championships
                 Winners and runners-up in Masters

7.3 School trophies for all league and invitational meets may not exceed $50.00 per trophy. (See Awards and Entry Fees Section).

8. Area Qualifying and Section Championship Meets

Track Area Placements for 2019  
West East North South
Arroyo Grande CVC Buchanan Arvin
Atascadero Dinuba Bullard Bakersfield
Avenal El Diamante Central BCHS
Caruthers Exeter Chowchilla Bishop
Coalinga Farmersville Clovis California City
Corcoran Fowler Clovis East Centennial
Dos Palos Golden West Clovis North Cesar Chavez
Firebaugh Granite Hills Clovis West Delano
Hanford Immanuel Edison East
Hanford West Kingsburg Fresno Foothill
Kerman Lindsay Fresno Christian Frontier
Kings Christian Mission Oak Hoover Garces
Laton Monache Liberty M/R Golden Valley
Lemoore Mt. Whitney Madera Highland
Mendota Orange Cove Madera South Independence
Mission Prep Orosi McLane Kern Valley
Morro Bay Parlier Minarets Liberty
Nipomo Porterville Roosevelt McFarland
Orcutt Academy Reedley Sierra Mira Monte
Paso Robles Redwood SJM North
Pioneer Valley Sanger Sunnyside RFK
Righetti Selma Yosemite Ridgeview
Riverdale Strathmore   Rosamond
San Luis Obispo Tulare Union   Shafter
Santa Maria Tulare Western   South
Sierra Pacific Washington Union   Stockdale
St. Joseph's Wonderful   Taft
Templeton Woodlake   Tehachapi
Tranquillity     Wasco




8.1 Qualifying standards shall be established for the purpose of determining entries into  the Division  Area Qualifying meets. The Track Advisory Committee shall recommend qualifying standards to the Board of Managers. The qualifying standards will be set to accommodate 18 athletes in each event. The top three (3) form each Area automatically qualifies for the Section Champioships. All other entries (6) will be based on times, heights and distances.

8.2 Qualifying Standards-- 

8.2.1 Boys

110 Meter High Hurdles 16.54
300 Meter Hurdles 42.04 (Run in two sections; no heats)
100 Meter Dash 11.24 (10.3 for 100 yard dash)
200 Meter Dash 22.94
400 Meter Dash 52.74 (Exclude Relay Splits)
800 Meter Run 2:03.14
1600 Meter Run 4:39.14
3200 Meter Run 10:09.14
400 Relay 45.34
1600 Relays 3:36.14
Discus 140' 0
High Jump 6' 0
Long Jump 20 '9
Pole Vault 12' 0
Shot Put 47' 0
Triple Jump 42' 0


8.2.2 Girls-- 

100 Meter Hurdles 17.94
300 Meter Hurdles 50.14 (Run in two sections, no heats)
100 Meter Dash 13.24
200 Meter Dash 27.24
400 Meter Dash 62.94 (Exclude relay splits)
800 Meter Run 2:28.14
1600 Meter Run 5:28.14 
3200 Meter Run 11.58.14 
400 Meter Relay 54.14
1600 Meter Relay 4:34.14
Discus 100' 0
High Jump 4' 9"
Long Jump 15' 11"
Triple Jump 33' 0
Shot Put 33' 0"
Pole Vault 8' 6"



California State Track and Field Championships 2020 "At-Large" Standards


Revised 3/4/2020
























110/100 Hurdles



300 Hurdles



4x100 Relay



4x400 Relay



High Jump



Pole Vault



Long Jump



Triple Jump



Shot Put








8.3 The State meet order of events for track events is to be used for the Section championship meets and Masters Meet. (See Section 2.7, Governing Rules) Field Events will be governed by the site facility.

8.4 Ties must be broken in accordance with Official Track and Field Rule Book. In Section meets, ties for third place and sixth place also must be broken. The procedures specified in the rule book for breaking ties shall be applied in these circumstances.

8.5. All heats are eliminated in the Area meets. Instead, there will be timed sections with the fastest runners being placed in the last section and the slower runners being placed in the first section. (previously, heats have been run in 100m, 200m, 100m LH, 110 HH). This means that these runners will not have to run heats and finals later in the meet. The Area Meet can be shortened by an hour to an hour and one half, and athletes will not have to run as many races.

8.6 Qualifiers for Central Section Masters Meet:

       The top three (3) form each Area automatically qualifies for the Section Champioships. All other entries(6) will be based on times, heights and distances.


All events would be finals, similar to the Saturday State finals.

The top three finishers in the Central Section Masters meet would advance to the State Finals.

8.7 Meet Facilities and Equipment

8.7.1 A minimum of 9 lanes of 42" or wider for all flat races up to 200 meters.

8.7.2 A minimum of 9 hurdle lanes.

8.7.3 A minimum of 9 lanes of 42" or wider around the entire track for relay races.

8.7.4 It is recommended by the Committee that 10 identical blocks be provided.

8.7.5 Section Finals and Masters must be run on all-weather tracks and runways, minimum of 8 lanes, and must have adequate seating available. Listed below are approved sites for Section Championship meets.

  1.  Bakersfield (Memorial Stadium)
  2.  Lemoore High School
  3.  Tulare High School

      4.  Bakersfield High school

      5.  Mineral King Bowl, Visalia

      6.  Sanger

      7. Buchanan

      8. Coalinga

      9. Sunnyside

    10. Reedley

    11. Madera

    12. Community Stadium, Visalia

    13. Liberty High School (Bakersfield)

    14. Yosemite High School (Oakhurst)

    15. Exeter

8.7.6 All discus and shot put rings shall be concrete.

8.7.7 All implements shall be checked before the meet by meet management and plainly marked in the case of the shot and discus. Pole vaulting poles shall be checked for excessive taping. Athletes may not use a pole that is rated under their weight.

8.7.8 Host schools will provide automatic timing for the Area, Section Championship and Masters meets. 

8.7.9 Two (2) Wind gauges must be used at Area, Section and Masters meets.

8.7.10 Size of Pits For the long jump and the triple jump, the landing pit shall have a minimum width of 9' and a minimum length of 15'. (See National Federation Rules, Rule 7-5-5). Long Jump pits put in after 2019, must be a minimum of 23'0" High jump shall not be less than 16' (4.80 m) wide by 8' (2.40m) long. (See Rule 7-3-3). Pole vault landing pit shall meet NFHSA requirements

8.7.11 Toe-boards Use board between 10" and 24" at least 4' long; if an 8" board is used, it must have soft material behind and in front of the board to eliminate injuries. (Rule 7-5-3). Triple jump board to be a minimum of 32' for boys, and 24' for girls from jumping pit. Long jump board to be a minimum of 12' for boys and 8' for girls from jumping pit.

8.7.12 Equipment All shot and discus must be weighed in before meet starts. High jump standards should have proper extension, at least 4" above crossbar. Host school must have both a long jump pit and a triple jump pit. Legal batons shall be furnished by host school.

8.7.13 Facilities No school should be allowed to host the league meet unless it has safe and proper facilities. League representatives will make recommendations to the league president and the CIF Section Commissioner.

8.7.14 Timing A host school conducting a meet should secure a Fully Automatic Timing machine for timing all races with a .32 caliber starting pistol start and have hand timing for back up..

8.7.15 Order of Events The order of Track events for boys' and girls' Section Championship and Masters meets shall be the same order as the current CIF State meet. State meet order of events alternates girls' and boys' events - begin with girls.

8.8 Special Meet Rules and Provisions

8.8.1 The Section Championship meet shall start no earlier than 4:00 p.m.

8.8.2 Scoring shall be done according to the current National Federation Rule Book.

8.8.3 In order to avoid unnecessary delays in competition in field events, the provisions in the current National Federation Rule Book, pertaining to time limit for completion of a trial, shall be strictly enforced by field event judges.

8.8.4 When a competitor is eliminated in an event, he may not continue to perform in that event.

8.8.5 A school qualifying a relay team in the area qualifying meet may substitute from any member of the school's track team for the Championship meet.

8.8.6 Only those students who qualify in the Section Finals meet will be permitted to participate in the Section Masters meet, except, a) a substitute on the relay team.

8.8.7 The host school must provide lap times.

8.8.8 Host schools must provide warm up areas for athletes and a special section in the stands for the coaches. Coaches and athletes failing to remain in the special areas will give cause for disqualification of their entire team.

8.8.9 Seeding Seeding for Division II Section Finals meets will be based on best official non-wind-aided mark of the season. (Verification may be requested by Meet Director). Area meets high jump and pole vault increments: Starting height will be two inches lower than the lowest qualifiers mark in the high jump and six inches lower in the pole vault..

Girls' high jump: 4' 6, 4 '8. 4' 10, 5' 0, 5' 1

Boys' high jump: 5' 10, 6' 0, 6' 2, 6' 4, 6' 5, 6' 6

Boys' Pole Vault: 11' 6, 12' 0, 12' 6, 13' 0, 13' 6, 14' 0, 14' 3

Girls' Pole Vault: 6' 6, 7' 0, 7' 6, 8' 0, 8' 6, etc. Seeding for the Section Masters meet will be based on marks made at the Section and Area Finals meets. If for any reason, marks from a area meets were not established, athletes from the other areas will be given the preferred lanes. Section Meet High Jump and Pole Vault Increments

Girls' High Jump: 4' 8, 4' 10, 5' 0, 5' 2, 5' 4, etc.

Boys' High Jump: 5' 10, 6' 0, 6' 2, 6' 4, 6' 6, etc.

Boy's Pole Vault: 12' 0, 12' 6, 13' 0, 13' 6, 14' 0, 14' 6, etc.

Girl's Pole Vault: 7' 0, 7' 6, 8' 0, 8' 6, 9' 0, 9' 6, etc. Weight Events

a. In the area meets Section Championships and the Masters meets, each shot put and discus throw must be measured. Admission to Event

a. Only CIF "Lifetime" passes (engraved metal, CIF Playoff Pass, Section Commissioner's Special Working Pass, and State issued Courtesy Pass will be honored. Regular CIF Central Section Passes will not be honored at Section meet.

b. All coaches whose names are on the entry form are to be allowed into the Area, Section and Masters meets.

c. Admission will be charged at the participants' gate for those who do not have participants' passes, and wish to sit in the athletes' area. The Section Qualifying meets shall be held of Wednesdays and the Masters Championship meet is to be held on Saturday.



APPEALS PROCEDURE – First and Second Ejection

All appeals MUST come from the school Principal or his/her designee. Only misidentification and misapplication of a rule may be appealed. NO JUDGMENT DECISIONS by officials may be appealed.

 Ejections and Appeals

    First ejection

        Any player or coach ejected from a contest or scrimmage for unsportsmanlike conduct will be ineligible for the next CIF contest. The next contest could be the second game of a doubleheader or even the next season of sport. Athletes competing in concurrent sports would be ineligible in both sports.

    Second ejection

         Any player or coach ejected from a contest or scrimmage for unsportsmanlike conduct will be ineligible for the next two CIF contests. The next contest could be the second game of a doubleheader or even the next season of sport. Athletes competing in concurrent sports would be ineligible in both sports.

    Third ejection

         Any player or coach ejected from a contest or scrimmage for unsportsmanlike conduct will be ineligible for the next 365 days. Any appeal must go to the Section Commissioner





 If an ineligible student participates in a contest, or contests, the school must forfeit

the contest, or contests, and the ineligible student shall not compete in any sport until

his/her eligibility is attained.


     If it is determined that an ineligible student competed due to the failure of the School 

Administration to properly notify those responsible for playing the student, an appeal by 

the Principal may be directed to the Section Commissioner regarding the forfeiture of

the game, or games.  The appeal must be in writing, stating specifically the circumstances surrounding the oversight in playing the student.  The final decision regarding the appeal will be determined by the Section Commissioner. 


Criteria for consideration of appeal:


  1. What caused the ineligible player to participate in the contests(s)

  2. Score of contest(s)

  3. Amount of participation in contest(s) by ineligible participant

  4. What part of did the ineligible student have on the outcome of the contest(s)


Notification of the use of an ineligible player MUST be reported IMMEDIATELY, and appealed within in 5 days of the infraction.


Notification of an alleged infraction by another school, MUST also be reported IMMEDIATELY, to allow the offending school an opportunity to respond.