1.1 All volleyball competition in the Central Section shall be conducted in accordance with the National federation Volleyball Rules along with the CIF Central Section Volleyball Rules.

1.1.1 The Central Section Volleyball Advisory Committee shall be composed of representatives from each league who shall be appointed by the league president.

1.1.2 The Chairperson of the Volleyball Advisory Committee shall be appointed by the CIF Central Section President.

2. General Rules

2.1 Awards at CIF sanctioned tournaments shall be provided as stipulated in the Central Section Game Rules and Regulations.

2.2 All Varsity invitational tournaments must be sanctioned by the Central Section Commissioner, and must be conducted in accordance with Section rules and regulations.

2.3   The standard warm-up procedure for all pre-season,league and play- off matches. After the Captain's coin toss:


Officials set clock to indicate number of miinutes before game stat time    
Timer The clock will count down and the timer will stop the clock 20:00 STOP
R1 & R2 Coaches & Captains Captains & Head coaches meeting; coin toss; team rosters presented at this time    
R2 When meeting ends, R2 instructs timer to start the clock 20:00 START
Teams 5 Minutes of shared warm-up. No hitting or serving over the net    
Timer Timer stops the clock 15:00 STOP
R2 R2 sounds horn/whistles for serving team to begin their 6:00 minutes of warm-up    
Receiving team Receiving team kleaves the court at R2's direction    
R2; Timer R2 directs the timer to start the clock when the receiving team has left the court. Scorekeeper & Libero tracker get their instructions from R2 at this time 15:00 START
Serving team Serving team warms-up    
Both coaches The rosters are to be submitted no later than 10:00  
NOTE Late or inaccurate rosters result in a lossof service/point to the opposing team    
R1 Conduct pre-match conference with linee judges and ball handlers    
Timer Timer stops the clock 9:00 STOP
R2 R2 sounds the horn/whistles for the receiving team to begin their warm-ups    
Serving team The serving Team leaves the court at the direction of R2    
R2, Timer R2 instructs the Timer to Start the clock when the Serving team has left the court 9:00 START
Receiving team Receiving team warms-up    
R2  Clock continues to run until R2 sounds the horn/whistles for the receiving team to end their warm-up and leave he court 3:00  
Both coaches Line ups are submitted no later than  2:00  
R2, Timer R2 is to whistle at 0:30 for a warning and then all time to expire and automatic horn sounds; both officials must be present before the game can start 0:00 STOP


       Introductions, national anthem…….start game…

       (Board of Managers JAN. 2019)

3. Eligibility

3.1 All participants must meet CIF State and Section Eligibility rules.

Note: Any athlete who was not involved in the prior sports season must have ten (10) days practice before he/she can participate in an interschool contest. 
A. A Saturday may be counted as one of the ten (10) practice days.
B. The student athlete may not participate in an interschool contest until the eleventh calendar day (excluding Sundays).
Exception: An athlete competing in the prior sports season may waive the mandatory ten (10) days of practice, (excluding wrestling).

4. Season of Sport

4.1 The season of sport of volleyball is defined as that period which starts with the first interschool contest (practice , league or tournament match), and ends with the last regularly scheduled league game or playoff match, for which the team has qualified.

4.2 Dates specified by the Central Section Board of Managers will include: 1) the first day to begin practice, 2) the earliest date for an inter-school scrimmage and, 3) the earliest date for a practice match.

4.3 There must be 10 days of team practice prior to the first match. An athlete must have had 10 days of practice before participating in a match. 

4.4 A school shall be limited to 28 contests per season. Playoff matches are excluded from the computation. Tournament count----- 1 day tournament is 2 contests; 2 day tournament is 3 contests....unless play is 3 out of 5 which is game for game.


  The home team is to wear THE APPROPRIATE uniform as designated by the NFHS rule book for that sport. All uniforms must be properly numbered. In case of schools having the same uniforms, the home team shall change. A game allowed to be played with illegal uniforms shall be reported to the Central Section office by the lead official's assignor. Libero must wear a contrtasting colored jersey than worn by teammates.,

Penalty for wearing illegal uniforms. The offending school will receive a warning from the Section office. And future occurrences will result in forfeits.  ( Approved  Board of Managers 2010)

5. Classification


5.1 Volleyball team classifications are: varsity, jr. varsity, frosh/soph and frosh.

5.2 Only varsity teams shall compete in divisional playoffs.

6. Officials

6.1 All varsity matches will have two officials, except tournaments.

6.2 All officials for playoff matches shall be appointed by the Official's Association.

6.3 Official's fees shall be determined  by the Official's Associations and Board of Managers

7. Divisional Playoff Procedures

7.1 General Information                    

7.1.1 Divisional Playoffs will be single elimination tournaments and all matches will be three (3) out of five (5) games.   The Divisions will be determined annually using by the approved Section Divisional placement procedure.  Boys-- Two 8 team brackets will be determined annually on the Saturday following the last league games.

7.1.2 A school choosing to not participate in playoffs must inform the Section Commissioner of CIF by the designated date. Schools who do not so inform the Section Commissioner are expected to participate in the playoffs, and failure to do so will result in suspension form the playoffs the following year.

7.1.3 Seeding will be made by the Area Supervisors, the Assistant Section Commissioner and the Section Commissioner prior to divisional playoffs.

7.1.4 The following criteria will be used to break ties in determining seeding positions. Each category is worth 1 point. The school that scores 4 points will receive the high seed. This criteria is to be used if there is a tie between two or more teams are being considered for a certain seed.( Approved, Board of Managers, Apr. 2017)


The divisions will furnish the top 16 teams for the playoffs. The selections made by the three Area Supervisors, Section Assistant Commissioner and the Section Commissioner.

The Seeding Committee will use the mandatory coach’s rankings as a starting point for determining the seeding placement of teams. A team that receives a preponderance of the votes for a position shall receive the seed. If a no team gets a preponderance of the votes in the opinion of the committee,the committee will use the point system listed below to determine the seed. The process will remain as currently done with each criteria worth 1 point. 








If Maxpreps does not have a Strength of Schedule, that Criteria Will Not be used. Coaches Mandatory Rankings will be used as a starting point. If a coach does not turn in their division rankings, THEY WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR A SEEDED PLACE IN THE BRACKET.


7.1.5 All games to be played at the site of the highest seed if site is approved by the commissioner.

7.1.5 Boys  All matches will be played at the site of the higher seed. League champions will have a home game in the first round, if possible. Afterwards, all matches will be played at the site of the higher seed.

7.1.6 The home/host school must provide an "appropriate" site as approved by the League Commissioner.

7.1.7 The volleyball required for playoff matches is the Spalding TF 5000 NCAA NFHS VOLLEYBALL. It is recommended that the three-ball system be used in order to facilitate play. 

Failure to use the contracted ball will result in the loss of the offending schools game revenue and the ability to host games. Results of games played with a non-contracted ball will stand and the offending school/s will lose their right to host their next play‐off game in that sport. If the offending school lost that school will lose the right to host their next home game in the following year's play-offs.

7.1.8 The host school is to furnish the scorebook, a trained adult scorekeeper, an adult timer, and two linespersons (officials, if possible). 

7.1.9 The announcer will be a responsible adult who can set the tone of the match by calling the fans attention to the following points: 1) the match shall be conducted under the strictest code of good sportsmanship; 2) the match officials  have been selected because of their demonstrated ability and; 3) rooters are encouraged to support their team, but are requested to refrain from booing opponents or the officials.

7.1.10 Playoff competition will be for varsity only. All other teams will end the season with the last league match.

7.1.11 Awards will be provided as stipulated in the Central Section Sports Rules and Regulations.

7.1.12 A school may videotape any contest. No game/film expenses are authorized to be a part of match expenses.

7.1.13 Tournament programs may be provided by the host school. Administration, distribution, sales, and details are the responsibility of the host school. Team rosters should be sent to the host schools.

7.1.14 The host school is responsible for total match management, including crowd control, supervision, ticket sales, and admission. Participating schools are expected to assist crowd control and student supervision. Each participating school should bring their own locks and towels. 

7.1.15 No electronically amplified instruments, or other artificial noise-makers such as cowbells, whistles, air horns, horns, thunder sticks, etc. will be allowed at any time. Pep bands are not allowed.

7.2 Preliminaries, Quarterfinals and Semifinals                    

7.3 Play-off dates will be determined by the Section Commissioner

7.3.1 Game time is 6:00 pm, unless moved up for travel consderations for schools playing someone more than 100 miles apart.

7.4 Officials

7.4.1 Starting with the quarterfinals, official's fees are regular plus one half. (Check fees in the Game Official's Fee Schedule.)

7.4.2 Officials for preliminary, first round, quarterfinals, and semifinal playoff matches will be appointed by the Official's Association.

7.5 Recognized Expenses

7.5.1 Financial statement forms will be forwarded to the host school and should be fully completed and returned to the CIF Central Section Commissioner's office within 30 days after each playoff match. 

7.6 Ticket and Admission Prices

7.6.1 Ticket prices as determined by CIF. See playoff admission prices in Awards and Entry Fee Addendum.

7.6.2 The host school shall be responsible for the sale of tickets. The visiting school may make available to the host school a list of working personnel to be admitted free.

7.6.3 Acceptable "passes" are limited to: CIF Playoff Passes, CIF Lifetime Passes, and the State CIF Courtesy Card.

7.6.4 Cheerleaders in uniform shall be admitted free.

7.6.5 On duty media personnel may be admitted free.


8. Southern California Regional Championship Representatives

8.1 Divisional champions shall represent the Central Section CIF in the Southern California Regional Tournament as follows:

  1. Division I
  2. Division II
  3. Division III
  4. Division IV
  5. Division V




APPEALS PROCEDURE – First and Second Ejection

All appeals MUST come from the school Principal or his/her designee. Only misidentification and misapplication of a rule may be appealed. NO JUDGMENT DECISIONS by officials may be appealed.

 Ejections and Appeals

    First ejection

        Any player or coach ejected from a contest or scrimmage for unsportsmanlike conduct will be ineligible for the next CIF contest. The next contest could be the second match of a doubleheader or even the next season of sport. Athletes competing in concurrent sports would be ineligible in both sports.

    Second ejection

         Any player or coach ejected from a contest or scrimmage for unsportsmanlike conduct will be ineligible for the next two CIF contests. The next contest could be the second game of a doubleheader or even the next season of sport. Athletes competing in concurrent sports would be ineligible in both sports.

    Third ejection

         Any player or coach ejected from a contest or scrimmage for unsportsmanlike conduct will be ineligible for the next 365 days. Any appeal must go to the Section Commissioner





 If an ineligible student participates in a contest, or contests, the school must forfeit

the contest, or contests, and the ineligible student shall not compete in any sport until

his/her eligibility is attained.


     If it is determined that an ineligible student competed due to the failure of the School 

Administration to properly notify those responsible for playing the student, an appeal by 

the Principal may be directed to the Section Commissioner regarding the forfeiture of

the match, or matches.  The appeal must be in writing, stating specifically the circumstances surrounding the oversight in playing the student.  The final decision regarding the appeal will be determined by the Section Commissioner. 


Criteria for consideration of appeal:


  1. What caused the ineligible player to participate in the contests(s)

  2. Score of contest(s)

  3. Amount of participation in contest(s) by ineligible participant

  4. What part of did the ineligible student have on the outcome of the contest(s)


Notification of the use of an ineligible player MUST be reported IMMEDIATELY, and appealed within in 5 days of the infraction.


Notification of an alleged infraction by another school, MUST also be reported IMMEDIATELY, to allow the offending school an opportunity to respond.