2020 CLOVIS WEST SWIMMING AND DIVING INVITATIONAL SITE OF THE CIF STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS DIVING: SATURDAY, April 17 SWIMMING: FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, April 17-18 Greetings Coach and Athletic Director: A significant change to this year will be the diving competition being held a week before swimming. Below you will find information for our 2020 Swimming and Diving Invitational. Please read carefully. If you have questions, be sure to give us a call! Please make arrangements now for the payment of the entry fees, keeping swimming and diving checks separate! Do not mail the fees, but bring the check(s) on the day of competition. Personal checks are accepted. DIVING INFO: See diving fact sheet at the end of this document. Location- Clovis West High School 1070 East Teague, Fresno, CA 93720 Meet Director- Coach Adam Reid (w) (559) 327- 2031 (c) (626) 318-0994, email: Warm-ups: Friday’s competitors will be available at 4:00 PM. Team warm ups for all others will be available from 5:30PM until 7:00 PM Friday evening. Saturday warm up will start at 7:00 AM. Competition: The meet will begin at 5:00 PM on Friday and at 8:30 AM on Saturday. This is a timed finals meet. Scoring: Individual events: 22-19-18-17-16-15-14-13-12-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Relaysshall be doubled. Team Awards: First and second place team awards: Varsity boys and girls, and J.V. boys and girls. First overall combined team total "Most Outstanding" male and female varsity swimmers. Winners will be based upon total individual points scored. Entry Fees- $125.00 per division entered. If all four divisions are entered, the cost is reduced to $400. A $50 late charge will be added if fees have not been paid by the beginning of competition. Please make checks payable to "Clovis West Swimming". Meet fees will be collected at the pool office on competition day before picking up coach packet. (Please do not mail your fees!  Team Entries- Email for entry files: Entries must be submitted using Hy-Tek, and the information on how to download Hy-Tek Lite is available on our website. Hytek meet file will also be available on the website ( Click on the link, “CW Invite”, click on the link, “Entry Instructions”. If you have any problems entering, call Adam Reid immediately. Please include the grade of the swimmer. This is an USA Swimming observed meet. If athletes want to have their swims observed for USA swimming SWIMS database, please include their USA swimming ID number in your team database.  Be sure to give us a phone number where you can be reached in case we have questions regarding your entries.  Scratches may be done on an official scratch form provided at the meet Saturday morning or if you know of any scratches beforehand please email them to Keith Gruce (  Varsity teams may enter up to 6 swimmers in the 200 I.M. and 200 free.  JV teams may enter 4 swimmersin the 200 I.M. and 200 free.  There are unlimited entries in all other individual events. Teams may enter A, B, C, and D relays.  Because of the size of the meet and the time needed to prepare programs, our due date for the meet will be Tuesday, April 7th. Coaches: note that thisis over 1 ½ weeks ahead of the meet date.  Late entries may be denied. The decision will be determined by the number of athletes entered in the meet by the due date. Last priority will go to teams with late entries.  Only the fastest TWO heats of varsity boys and girls 500 free will be swum on Saturday. All other heats will be swum Friday night following all of the heats of Junior Varsity 500 freestyle. Access our website on Tuesday, April 14th, and check on the status of your varsity 500 swimmers and when they will swim - make sure your athlete is prepared to swim Friday evening. Entries will not be changed for a swimmer entered in any event, including the 500 free. Other than the 500 free, there are no official time standards for the Junior Varsity. Please do not enter an athlete in an event that they cannot finish in a reasonable amount of time or have the skills to complete. Please check that your swimmers meet the qualifying standards listed below. This meet is not meant for a beginning swimmer. “No Times”(NT) will not be accepted or entered into the meet at either J.V. or Varsity levels. Our timeline depends upon every coach adhering to these time standards. Varsity will be on the South end of the pool and JV on the North side. The number of lanes used for each end will be determined based on timelines. Time Standards: JV 500 Boys: 6:59.99 Girls: 7:29.99 Varsity Event Boys Varsity Girls Varsity 200 free 2:09.99 2:27.99 200 IM 2:23.99 2:49.99 50 free :27.99 :30.99 100 fly 1:14.99 1:29.99 100 free 1:00.99 1:08.99 500 free 6:14.99 6:29.99 100 back 1:11.99 1:23.99 100 breast 1:15.99 1:29.99 Please enterswimmersthat cannot meet these standards in the Junior Varsity meet. Rules- All 2019-2020 High School Swimming and Diving Rules will apply. Each swimmer may enter in only one division. Each competitor is limited to the number of events as described in the National Federation Rules book. Parking- due to school being in session on Friday, please park in back parking lot off Cole Ave. Please let your parents know that a spectator fee will be charged on competition days. CW invite apparel will be on sale. The only pop ups allowed are for team areas. Parent/Family seating areas are the bleachers and cement block areas. No parent canopies are allowed on deck due to the need for team space. Addition details: See Swim Entry Deadline: April 7, 2019 2020 CLOVIS WEST INVITE - Diving Information Welcome Coaches and Divers! Please read the following information carefully. We are looking forward to a great competition! Meet Referee: TBA Competition: Friday, April 17th Cost: $20 per diver. Please make checks out to "Clovis West Swimming and Diving." No diver may participate unless the fee has been paid. Meet Information and Entry Details: Meet Entry deadline: April 7. Divers must be included in hytek entry file along with swim events. If a team attending with divers only, please email your divers names and grades to Keith Gruce ( Divemeets 11 dive list will be due by April 14. **All times are subject to change depending on certain factors, including the number of divers in the competition.** Each group of divers will receive at least 30 minutes for warm-up prior to the start of their event. Dive sheets must be filled out according to C.I.F. regulations. Coaches must utilize for entries. Please see the instruction page on the Clovis West Webpage ( under the CW invite tab. No handwritten score sheets will be accepted as entries. Changes to the dive list will be permitted up to 30 minutes prior to the beginning of a given event. Notice will be given over the P.A. system prior to the closing of that time period. During competition, there will be cuts following the fifth (24 divers) and eighth rounds (16 divers). Notice will be given over the P.A. system prior to the closing of that time period. No Deck entries will be accepted. If there is a technical problem entering the meet, please contact Adam Reid prior to the meet. This is a Varsity level invitational. An eleven-dive list (5 vol./6 opt.) will be submitted. Judges: Judges for each of the events (Varsity Girls and Varsity Boys) will be selected and confirmed immediately prior to each event in a brief meeting. The judges selected will represent the three regions (North, Central, and South) if available. Numbers permitting, we will have a panel of seven judges and a non-scoring referee. TENTATIVE DIVING SCHEDULE - These are estimates only. Coaches and athletes are responsible to be at the meet and to adjust to the conditions and changing timeline of the meet while fulfilling the entry requirements. Note: THIS IS A VARSITY ONLY EVENT. 7:00-8:00 am Open Warm-up 8:00-8:30 Varsity Girls Warm-up 8:30-12:00 Varsity Girls Competition 12:00-12:45 Varsity Boys Warm-up 12:45-4:15pm Varsity Boys Competition If you have any questions about the diving competitions, please call Adam Reid at (559) 327-2031 or (626) 318-0994
































































National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).

The number of participants in high school sports in 2017-18 reached an all-time record high of 7,979,986, according to figures from the 51 NFHS member state high school associations, which includes the District of Columbia. The number of girls participating in high school sports reached an all-time high of 3,415,306, and boys participation also set a new standard at 4,564,680.

While the number of additional participants this year (16,451) was not as substantial as the previous year (94,635), a steady increase in several boys and girls sports extended the streak to a record-breaking 29th year.

Among boys sports, soccer registered the largest gain with 6,128 additional participants. Other boys sports with sizeable gains were cross country (3,824), volleyball (3,767) and golf (2,558). For the second consecutive year, competitive spirit had the largest increase among girls sports with an additional 18,426 participants, followed by swimming and diving (4,797), lacrosse (3,431) and golf (3,176).

With 1,035,942 participants, 11-player football remains the No. 1 participatory sport for boys in high school by a large margin. Outdoor track and field is No. 2 with 600,097 participants, followed by basketball (551,373), baseball (487,097), soccer (456,362), cross country (270,095), wrestling (245,564), tennis (158,151), golf (144,024) and swimming/diving (138,935).

Outdoor track and field continues to lead the way for girls with 488,592 participants, followed by volleyball (446,583), basketball (412,407), soccer (390,482), fast-pitch softball (367,861), cross country (223,518), tennis (190,768), swimming/diving (175,594), competitive spirit (162,669) and lacrosse (96,904).

Despite remaining the top participatory sport for boys, 11-player football dropped for the second consecutive year. The decline in numbers, however, was not as high as 2016, and participation in 6-player and 8-player football continued to trend upward. In 2017, participation in 11-player football was 1,035,942, a two-percent decline of 21,465 from the previous year. The decline from 2015 to 2016 was 27,865, or 2.5 percent.

While there have been some recent reports about schools dropping the sport of football for the 2018 season because of declining numbers, the overall number of schools discontinuing 11-player football before the 2017 season was minimal – a decline of 20 schools from 14,099 to 14,079.

With 14,079 schools sponsoring 11-player football nationally, the loss of 21,465 participants amounts to 1.5 per school. And, although the 11-player numbers were down, the number of schools sponsoring 6-player football increased from 259 to 317, and school sponsorship of 8-player football increased from 841 to 847. Overall, the number of high schools sponsoring football (combining 6-, 8-, 9- and 11-player) increased by 29 schools – from 15,457 to 15,486. 

The overall number of participants in football (6-, 8-, 9- and 11-player) in 2017 was 1,067,970, which includes 2,401 girls playing the various levels of the sport. The 21,465 decline in 11-player participation was evenly distributed across the country with no states reporting significant drops in football numbers.

“There are many positives about the numbers in this year’s sports participation survey,” said Karissa Niehoff, who began her duties as NFHS executive director earlier this month after eight years as executive director of the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference-Connecticut Association of Schools. “First, the upward trek of interest in high school sports continued for the 29th consecutive year. The model of sports within the education-based school system continues to thrive in the United States.

“Second, we are encouraged that the decline in high school football has slowed due, in part, to our efforts in reducing the risk of injury in the sport. While there may be other reasons that students elect not to play football, we have attempted to assure student-athletes and their parents that thanks to the concussion protocols and rules in place in every state in the country, the sport of football is as safe as it ever has been.”

In addition to playing rules in place that remove an athlete from a game when a concussion in suspected, states have enacted rules that limit the amount of contact before the season and during practices. With a more directed focus on risk minimization related to concussions the past 10 years, two recent studies have revealed that the rate of concussions has decreased the past couple of years due to more stringent rules related to protecting the head.

Amazingly, this year’s survey indicated participation by high school students in 65 different sports, as well as 13 adapted sports for students with disabilities. Some of the more popular non-traditional sports were badminton (17,898), archery (10,460) and fencing (4,513), along with two relative newcomers – bass fishing and ultimate frisbee.

Some of the emerging sports during the past decade continued their rise on the charts. Lacrosse now has 210,217 combined participants (113,313 boys, 96,904 girls), and bowling is up to 60,039 participants nationwide (32,159 boys, 27,880 girls).

“It is great to see new sport opportunities created to involve as many students as possible in high school sports,” Niehoff said. “While we continue to try to make football a viable option, we understand that some parents continue to have a concern about the physical nature of the sport. Certainly, the goal is to involve more and more young people in sports and activity programs because the benefits of participating in sports and activities is the same whether it is football, baseball, lacrosse, music, band or debate.” 

The top 10 states by participants remained the same; however, Ohio moved ahead of Illinois into fourth place this year. Texas and California topped the list again with 824,619 and 819,625 participants, respectively, followed by New York (378,065), Ohio (347,567), Illinois (338,848), Pennsylvania (319,867), Florida (311,361), Michigan (296,625), New Jersey (281,800) and Minnesota (240,433).

The participation survey has been compiled in its current form by the NFHS since 1971 through numbers it receives from its member state associations. The top 10 sports for boys and girls and the year-by-year participation totals are listed below. The complete 2017-18 High School Athletics Participation Survey is available via the following link:



# # #


Boys Golf:

Division 1:  Clovis West

Division 2:  El Diamante

Division 3:  Bishop

Boys Tennis:

Division 1:  Clovis North

Divison 2:   Sanger

Division 3:  Yosemite

Division 4:  Sierra Pacific

Division 5:  Liberty Madera Ranchos

Swimming & Diving:

Division 1 Boys:  Clovis North

Division 1 Girls:  Clovis West

Division 2 Boys:  Kingsburg

Division 2 Girls:  Madera

Boys Volleyball:

Division 1:  Buchanan

Division 2:  Madera

Girls Badminton:




Track & Field:

Boys Track:  Clovis North

Girls Track:   Buchanan


Division 1:  Stockdale

Division 2:  San Joaquin Memorial

Division 3:  Garces

Division 4:  Fowler

Division 5:  Liberty Madera Ranchos

Division 6:  Lindsay


Division 1:  Clovis 

Division 2:  Redwood 

Division 3:  Selma

Division 4:  Exeter

Division 5:  Highland

Division 6:  Bakersfield Christian