October 4, 2017                         Porterville Veteran’s Building

Meeting:  9:30am                         Luncheon: 12:00 Provided by:



I.         Opening Business                         President: Marty Bitter

  1. Call to Order
  2. Flag Salute
  3. Roll Call
  4. Introductions
  5. Adoption of Agenda
  6. Public Comments (Items not on agenda)


                  Pursuant to Education Code 33353.2(c), any person wishing to

                  Speak on any item on the agenda, or comment on the policies and

                  Practices of the CIF-Central Section will be heard at this time.

  1. Identify closed session topics


II.      Communications

  1. Routine Communications received
  1. President
  2. Commissioner
  3. Leagues
  4. Area Supervisors


III.       Consent Agenda

  a. Minutes from April, 2017

b. Warrants-March 25, 2017-September 29, 2017


IV.       Presidents Report                                     Marty Bitter


V.        Closed Session

            a.  Commissioner’s Contract


VI.       Commissioner’s Report

  1. State Commissioners Workshops
  2. 2017 Spring & Year End Playoff Financials
  3. NFHS Summer Meeting
  4. Region 7&8 Conference
  5. Report on Section Scholarship Golf Tournament
  6. Section Status Report





VII.     State CIF Federated Council Managements Services Action Items

  1. Deleting 1906.b in regards to Football Tie Breaker.  Move the decision on tie breaker yardage to Blue Pages of the Handbook.
  2. Sit out period change from set date to 50% of the days in a season.
  3. Hurricane Harvey-Bylaw 1108 Delegated Powers

As per Bylaw 1108, the Executive Director took action regarding transfer eligibility on

Students and families impacted by Hurricane Harvey and relocating to CIF Member Schools.  This action is subject to the approval of the Federated Council at their next meeting.



VIII.    State CIF Federated Council Managements Services Non-Action Items

  1. Proposed Bylaw 207 Revisions – Transfer Eligibility, International Students.  The Commissioners Committee is proposing a revision in Bylaw 207 that would further clarify the athletic eligibility of International students who transfer without a valid change of residence.
  2. Proposed Elimination of Bylaw 1605, Basketball Coaching Box
    The Editorial Committee and the Commissioners Committee are proposing the elimination of Bylaw 1605 as the rule is enforced by Bylaw 1201 and the NFHS Basketball Rule Book.


IX.       CIF Central Section Non Action Items, First Readings,


  1. Water Polo Advisory Report & Possible Proposal
  2. Track Advisory Report & Possible Proposal
  3. Swim Advisory Report & Possible Proposal
  4. Basketball Advisory Proposal-State Play-Off Entries
  5. Spring Division Placement
  6. Golf Advisory Report-Possible Proposal
  7. Section Office Swim Proposal


X.        CIF Central Section Action Items

            a.    Article 34 Revision-Division Placement Criteria for moving teams

                         up during a cycle.  Based upon multiple non full family move transfer’s-Immediate


            b.    Section office Proposal to make Wrestling into a Competitive Equity Model-Tabled

                  c.    Section Office Proposal to make Track into a Competitive Equity Model-Tabled

d.   Winter Division Placement 2017-2019

e.   Addition of Boron High School to the High Desert League 2018-2019



XI.       Adjourn


Next Scheduled meeting January 30, 2018