SECTION CROSS COUNTRY TIME SCHEDULE....Travel Ball Parents: Better Option is School-based Sports

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Here is the schedule for the Sectional Championships in November.  We’ll be getting you all the information for the Sectional Championships soon.  


Division II Girls Race 11:00 a.m.

Division III Girls Race 11:30 a.m.

Division II Boys Race 12:00 p.m.

Division III Boys Race 12:30 p.m.

Division IV Girls Race 1:00 p.m.

Division V Boys Race 1:30 p.m.

Division I Girls Race 2:00 p.m.

Division IV Boys Race 2:30 p.m.

Division V Girls Race 3:00 p.m.

Division I Boys Race 3:30 p.m




Arroyo Grande   IN Buchanan   IN Bullard  IN Clovis East   IN
Clovis North  IN Clovis   IN Clovis West  IN Madera  IN
Porterville  IN Redwood   IN Righetti   IN Sanger  IN


Atascadero  IN Edison  OUT El Diamante  IN Exeter   IN
Garces Memorial    IN Golden West  IN Hanford   OUT Kingsburg  IN
Monache  IN Morro Bay   IN Nipomo  IN Paso Robles  IN
Reedley  IN San Luis Obispo  IN Santa Maria  OUT Selma   IN
Sierra   IN Sierra Pacific (Hanford)   IN    


Bakersfield Christian   IN Central    IN Chowchilla  IN Dinuba   OUT
Fresno   OUT Granite Hills   OUT Hanford West  IN Hoover    IN
Kerman   OUT Lemoore   OUT Madera South  IN McLane  OUT
Mission Oak    IN   Mt. Whitney    IN Pioneer Valley  OUT
San Joaquin Memorial  IN Strathmore  IN Sunnyside  IN Tulare Union   OUT
Tulare Western   IN Yosemite   IN    



Arroyo Grande   IN Buchanan   IN Bullard  IN Clovis East  IN
Clovis North   IN Clovis   IN Clovis West  IN Garces Memorial    IN
Redwood   IN Righetti  IN San Luis Obispo   IN  


Atascadero IN Central   IN Edison   IN El Diamante   IN
Fresno   OUT Golden West  IN Hoover   IN Kingsburg  IN
Lemoore   OUT Monache   OUT Morro Bay  IN Nipomo  IN
Porterville   IN San Joaquin Memorial    IN Sanger  OUT Santa Maria   OUT
Tulare Union   IN      


Bakersfield Christian  IN Chowchilla  IN Dinuba   OUT Exeter    IN
Granite Hills  OUT Hanford   IN Hanford West  IN Kerman   OUT
Madera  IN Madera South  IN McLane  OUT Mission Oak   OUT
  Mt. Whitney   IN Paso Robles  IN Pioneer Valley   OUT
Reedley  IN Selma  OUT Sierra   IN Sierra Pacific (Hanford)   IN
St. Joseph   OUT Strathmore  IN Sunnyside  IN Tulare Western  IN
  Yosemite   IN



Arroyo Grande  IN Bakersfield Christian    IN Buchanan  IN Bullard  IN
Clovis East  IN Clovis High School  IN Clovis North   IN Clovis West  IN
Garces Memorial  IN Liberty high school  IN Orcutt Academy   OUT Redwood   IN
San Luis Obispo High   IN Stockdale  IN    
Atascadero  IN Bakersfield  OUT Centennial  IN Central High School OUT
Corcoran    IN Edison  OUT El Diamante   IN Frontier  IN
Golden West  OUT Immanuel High School    IN Mission Prep  IN Monache   OUT
Morro Bay High  IN Nipomo High    IN Paso Robles High   OUT Ridgeview    IN
Righetti High School   OUT San Joaquin Memorial   IN Sanger   IN St. Joseph  IN
Templeton High  IN      
Central Valley Christian  IN Hoover   IN Independence    IN Lemoore    IN
Mt. Whitney    IN North   OUT Pioneer Valley  OUT Porterville   IN
Reedley  IN Selma   IN Sunnyside  IN Tulare Union  IN
Tulare Western  IN West  IN Yosemite  IN  
Cesar Chavez   OUT Chowchilla  OUT Coalinga  IN East Bakersfield  OUT
Firebaugh  IN Foothill  OUT Highland   IN Kerman  IN
Kingsburg  IN Liberty (Madera Ranchos)    IN Madera  OUT Madera South    IN
Santa Maria High  OUT Strathmore  OUT Taft    IN Tehachapi  OUT
Wasco   in Woodlake    IN    
Arvin  OUT Avenal   OUT Bishop Union High School  OUT California City   OUT
Caruthers High School  IN Delano   OUT Desert IN Dinuba  OUT
Dos Palos   OUT Exeter    IN Fowler  IN Frazier Mount   OUT
Fresno   Fresno Christian  IN Golden Valley IN
Granite Hills  OUT Hanford High  OUT Hanford West  OUT Kern Valley    IN
Laton   OUT Lindsay  OUT McFarland  IN McLane High  OUT
Mendota   OUT Mira Monte IN Mission Oak   IN Orange Cove  OUT
Orosi   IN Parlier   OUT Riverdale High School OUT   Robert F. Kennedy  IN
Roosevelt  IN Rosamond   OUT Shafter   IN Sierra High School  OUT
Sierra Pacific (Hanford)   IN South  OUT Tranquillity   OUT Washington Union  OUT





Travel Ball Parents: Better Option is School-based Sports

Dr. Karissa L. Niehoff, NFHS Executive Director

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Recent articles have documented the rising costs of club sports, with one noting that about 62 percent of “travel ball” parents will go into debt to involve their kids in year-round sports.

            A USA Today article in 2017 suggested that travel baseball or volleyball could cost a family upwards of $8,000 a year, with soccer running about $5,000 on the high end. A study by TD Ameritrade suggested some parents were spending about $100 to $500 a month to fund their kids’ participation on a club team, with about 20 percent spending $1,000 a month.

            Why? In some cases – unquestionably the minority – students are in the elite category from a skills standpoint and could benefit from a higher level of competition in preparation for college. In most cases, however, it is a case of parents spending beyond their means with the hope that playing club sports will be the difference-maker in their children receiving an athletic scholarship to an NCAA Division I school.

            It is, in fact, true that an overwhelming majority of NCAA Division I athletes played club sports. According to an NCAA survey, 92 percent of women and 89 percent of men played club basketball, and 91 percent of women’s volleyball players competed on a non-school team in high school. At the other end, however, only 24 percent of football players competed on a club team.

            Herein lies the difference. There are more than 540,000 boys who played high school basketball last year and fewer than 6,000 who played basketball at the NCAA Division I level where most of the scholarships are available. Stated another way, about one percent of high school boys basketball players will play at the NCAA Division I level. About 2.8 percent of the one million-plus boys in high school 11-player football will play at the Division I level.

            The answer? Parents should encourage their kids to play multiple sports for their high school teams and save the money they would spend on club sports for college tuition if scholarship money does not materialize. Even in those situations where students are charged a modest fee to participate, school-based sports remain an incredible bargain when compared to club sports.

In many cases, Division I football and basketball coaches are looking to recruit multiple-sport athletes. While there are a few sports where non-school competition is crucial, college coaches will find those athletes who excel in school-based sports.

            High school-based sports have more interest, more media coverage and more fans than club sports, and the kids have more fun because they are representing their team and their community.

            Playing one sport in the fall, another during the winter and yet another in the spring is the best route to future success – whether that success is on the playing field or court, or in a boardroom.   


Dr. Karissa L. Niehoff is beginning her second year as executive director of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is the first female to head the national leadership organization for high school athletics and performing arts activities and the sixth full-time executive director of the NFHS, which celebrated its 100th year of service during the 2018-19 school year. She previously was executive director of the Connecticut Association of Schools-Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference for seven years.














Arroyo Grande  IN Atascadero  IN Bakersfield Christian  IN Buchanan  IN
Bullard   IN Clovis East  IN Clovis   IN Clovis North  IN
Clovis West  IN East Bakersfield Liberty   IN Paso Robles   IN
Pioneer Valley Redwood  IN San Luis Obispo   IN St. Joseph  OUT
Stockdale  IN      
Bakersfield OUT Centennial  IN Central  OUT Central Valley Christian  IN
El Diamante OUT Frontier  IN Garces Memorial  IN

Golden West


Hanford West   OUT Immanuel   IN Monache  OUT Morro Bay  OUT
Porterville  OUT San Joaquin Memorial  IN Sanger  IN Sunnyside  OUT
Tehachapi  OUT Templeton   IN Tulare Western   OUT West  IN
Delano  IN Dinuba   OUT Edison   IN Hoover  OUT
Independence  OUT Lemoore  IN Madera  OUT Mt. Whitney   IN
Nipomo   OUT Orcutt Academy  IN Reedley   IN Ridgeview  OUT
Santa Maria  OUT Selma   IN Taft   IN Tulare Union  OUT
Yosemite  IN      
Arvin  IN Chowchilla  OUT Corcoran IN Foothill   OUT
Fowler  IN Fresno   OUT Hanford   OUT Highland  IN
Kerman  IN Kingsburg IN Madera South  IN Mission Oak  OUT
Mission Prep   IN North  IN Roosevelt  IN Sierra Pacific (Hanford)  IN
South  OUT Wasco  IN    
Avenal OUT Bishop Union   OUT California City Caruthers   IN
Cesar Chavez   IN Coalinga  OUT Dos Palos  IN Exeter   OUT
Farmersville  OUT Firebaugh  IN Frazier Mountain  OUT Fresno Christian   IN
Golden Valley   IN Granite Hills  OUT Kern Valley   OUT Laton   OUT
Liberty (Madera Ranchos)  IN Lindsay   OUT McFarland  OUT McLane   IN
Mendota   OUT Mira Monte  OUT Orange Cove  IN Orosi   OUT
Parlier  OUT Riverdale   OUT Robert F. Kennedy   OUT Rosamond  OUT
Shafter OUT Sierra  OUT Strathmore    OUT Tranquillity  OUT
Washington Union   OUT Woodlake   IN