Can a student athlete ... ?

....who is in the eighth grade practice with a high school team during Spring Practice in football or Volleyball?

NO! Only high school students are allowed to participate in Spring drills. After Schools are out of session, during the summer, incoming 9th graders may participate with high school teams.

...who is academically ineligible practice with his/her school team?

It is up to the individual school/school district as to the policy they set for ineligible students and practice miss school all or part of the day and still play in a game that night or that week-end?

That is an individual school district issue. Obviously students need to be in school. If they are to ill to come to school they are probably to weak to play that night or week-end.

Where can I find ... ?

...a school's phone number or list of coaches for a particular school?

There is a list of schools in the CIF Central Section on our web site under Schools Directory. It is updated annually during the Summer.

...when the play-offs start and who is playing?

Our web site has all team sport play-off brackets for the Fall, Winter and Spring.

Why doesn't ... ?

...CIF discipline coaches?

Coaches are hired by school districts, not the CIF. CIF provides guidelines for coaches, coaching education and various other training programs, but the schools are the ultimate authority when it comes to hiring, firing and disciplining coaches.

What if ... ?

...if a student, who lives with one parent in town A, decides to move to live with the other parent in town B, will they automatically be eligible at the new school?

NO, they would have to file a Transfer of eligibility Wavier for and explain what non-athletic hardship was involved.

...a student graduates in December from the 8th grade? Can they enroll in high school and be eligible to participate.

YES! However, they will still only be allowed to compete in eight semesters of athletics. This student would not be eligible for participation in the final semester of his/her Senior year as they are using one of the eight semesters in the second half of the freshman year.

...a student graduates at mid-term of his/her senior year, are they eligible to participate their last semester of their senior year?

The only way they would be eligible to participate is if they continued to be enrolled in at least 20 units at the school.

When is ... ?

...the start of the sports season for fall, winter, spring?

Those dates are listed under Season Of sport on our web page.

What if ... ?

... A student repeats a grade while in high school.

Students have 8 consecutive semester of eligibility once they enter the ninth grade. By repeating a year in school they will be ineligible for their Senior year.

What are....?

...the CIF established grading periods for eligibility.

CIF does not set grading periods. Those dates are determined by the school or school district, but in every case the period of potential eligibility is exactly equal to the period of ineligibility.

What if....?

the grading period ends, but the gardes themselves will not return from the computer center for two weeks

Keep in mind the basic rule that the period for potential eligibility MUST be exactly equal to the period of ineligibility. An ineligible student who has just reained h/her eligibility and an eligible student who has just become ineligible can never be eligible on the same day. If grades are returned from the computer two week after the grading period, it is that point (when gardes have been returned) students become eligible or ineligible for the next grading period. This system will balance out over the year, assuming gardes are returned from the computer center roughly the same amount of days for each grading period.